Each release below is either a beta or alpha release. Care should be taken when using these releases.

Version 0.6 (Build 22)

This release fixes some minor bugs and adds a more intuitive error dialog.

Version 0.6 (Build 20)

This release fixes some bugs in the new UI and also disables Windows Error Reporting for this application. This release also contained the very first version of NCD Mac Designer.

Version 0.5 (Build 11)

This release introduces the new Vista-style UI and removed all dialogs (replacing them with panels).

Version 0.4 (Build 7)

This release adds a new default skin and changed some icons. Extra explanation text has also been added.

Version 0.3 (Build 6)

This is the first public release of NCD PC Designer. This release includes the original design for New Computer Designer (including skin support).