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PC Designer 0.6 (Build 22)
NCD PC Designer

New Computer Designer (PC Designer) is an application designed to help users pick the components for their computers, whether it is their first time or their 100th time. The application will guide you through the process to end up with the computer that suits you most!

May 17th, 2007
NCD PC Designer 0.6 (Build 22) Released

A minor release of NCD to fix a few small bugs in the application. For more information, see Release Notes.

New Age Interface

Have you used Windows Vista yet? If you have then you'll probably have been pleased with the consistent UI that has been introduced, removing so many unwanted dialogs. We've done the same in NCD PC Designer. Each section is stored as a 'panel' which looks similar to a web page allowing even a novice user to transition in quickly to the application.

Profiles & Reports

Each computer you design is stored as a profile which can be shared with anyone who has NCD PC Designer (or the forthcoming NCD Viewer). You can generate a printable report of your computer (viewable in any web browser) at any time. Take the report to your local computer shop and get exactly what you ordered!


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