Make your next computer the best computer for your needs, whether your a gamer, developer or just plain user.

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Mac Designer 0.2 (Build 8)
NCD Mac Designer

New Computer Designer (Mac Designer) is an application designed to help users choose and custom the next Macintosh computer that they may intend to purchase. The end result is a printable report which can be annoted with notes and prices for comparison between retailers.

May 17th, 2007
NCD Mac Designer 0.2 (Build 8) Released

This is the first release of Mac Designer to the community. This build adds support for designing the MacBook Pro computer. For more information, see Release Notes.

Stylish Interface

Ever used Apple's iTunes? If you have a you loved the smooth interface with appealing colours and easy navigation then you'll love NCD Mac Designer's interface. We've tried to design a similar styled application to give you a similar Mac look-and-feel to the application (something you won't find anywhere else).

Profiles and Reports

When you've finished customising your Mac computer it's saved as a profile which can then be turned into a report or you can do both at the same time! The reports are stored as a single HTML file (just like this page) when can be loaded in any web browser and printed to take down to your local computer store.

The Wizard

To help you build your next Mac we've built in an easy to follow wizard which will guide you through the process of selecting the correct components for your machine.